4 Things You Need to Know About Workers Compensation

by Ryan


About Workers’ Compensation

As an employer, it is vital to understand workers’ compensation. How much do you pay? Will your rates increase if an employee files a claim? Phoenix payroll services can provide assistance in helping employers understand their role in workers’ compensation benefits. There are several confusing things about workers’ compensation that can frustrate employers. Here are four things you need to know about workers’ comp benefits.

Workers’ Compensation is Mandatory

Did you know your business is responsible for providing workers’ compensation coverage? Workers compensation is mandatory. Companies cannot charge workers for benefits included with workers’ compensation. You will need to post a notice in the workplace to include information about workers compensation to help employees know where to file a claim.

Workers’ Compensation Provides Workplace Injury Benefits

All employees must be covered with workers’ compensation to care for them in the event of a Risk Management ManageStaffworkplace accident or injury. The goal of workers’ compensation is to focus on providing protection to workers if they are injured on the job, or they are exposed to something that leads to diseases or health issues.  Workers’ compensation coverage will provide medical benefits, disability benefits, survivors benefits, and habitation benefits. If an employee is injured on the job, the insurance coverage will offer a fixed monetary award. Phoenix HR Services from managestaff can provide companies with information related to workers’ compensation and how it impacts your company’s expenses if an employee files a claim.

Workers’ Compensation Protects Businesses

When your employees file a claim with workers’ compensation, they are waiving their rights to sue the company. If an employee dies due to their injuries sustained on company grounds, their family will receive benefits from workers’ compensation. Most workplace injuries are covered on a no-fault basis. The benefits will be paid no matter who is to blame for the injury or accident. The company will not admit liability for the accident, illnesses, or injuries. If someone files a claim, it can be rejected if it is found their conduct was in direct violation with the company’s policies. Injured employees have the right to file for benefits and their benefit amount will be held to the standards set in Arizona.

Accidents Outside the Workplace Can Be Covered

managestaff_logogreen-01It is important to hire a company such as managestaff providing risk management in Phoenix to find out if your company can be held responsible for an injury to an employee outside the workplace. An employee does not have to be at the company facility for an injury to occur will working for the company. If the person is traveling on a company basis, performing work duties outside of the office, or attending business required events, they can file a workers’ compensation claim.

Understanding the legal ramifications of lawsuits and workers’ compensation can be confusing. Hire a company like managestaff to manage risk and help remain compliant with workers’ comp laws. Find more information at managestaff.

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