5 Ways To Get Employees Back Into A Work Mindset After Vacation

by Ryan


Phoenix HR

As an employer, you value your team and are more than happy to provide them with the vacation time they have earned. Since many of your team members schedule their vacation time during the holiday season, or your business is closed for the holidays—you are likely to find that it is hard for everyone to get back into a work mindset. While many of your team members will return from the holidays well rested and ready to go, not everyone will. Phoenix HR managers and business owners can turn to the 5 tips below to help their teams successfully switch from vacation mode to work mode.

Welcome Your Team Back

Help set the tone by sending out a “Welcome Back” email to your entire team. Thank them for their ongoing commitment and dedication, and if it fits in with your company culture—set up a holiday photo sharing board.

Provide Something Fun To Look Forward To

Providing your team with something fun to look forward to can help to get things back on track. This could include providing breakfast or lunch, hosting a potluck, or even scheduling your end of year party for after the holiday season.

Schedule A Meeting Or Training Session

Scheduling a meeting or training session directly after the holidays allows you to refocus. Now, we are not talking about a lengthy drawn out meeting or training session, but instead, something designed to inspire and motivate. It’s an excellent time for employee recognition, and also for setting your 2016 professional goals. A professional development training session can work wonders after the holidays.

Ease Back In

Easing back in is an excellent way to help your team transition out of vacation mode, and back into work mode. As long as the days following your return are not a particularly busy time of year, consider scheduling a half day—or working a short week. The good news is, that most of the time, the holidays allow for a shorter return work week.

Plan Accordingly

Productivity is likely to be lower during your first week back, so you should plan accordingly. If your business operates 365 days a year, or was open during the holidays—then try your best to stagger your employees’ return dates. Also, plan for the additional time it will take for each of your employees to catch up on emails, phone calls, and other communication.

Welcome back to work! Be sure to refer back to ManageStaff soon for more HR tips for Phoenix professionals!