Arizona Final Wage Payment Requirements

by Deborah Z Mark


Arizona’s 50th Legislature changed the requirements for payment of final wages in August of 2012.

7 Days

ARS 23-353 calls for payment of final wages within 7 working days or the next pay day (whichever is sooner) for employees who have been involuntarily terminated. This was changed from the previous requirement of 72 hours.

Employees who quit must be paid on the regular pay day for the pay period during which the resignation occurred.

Violation constitutes a petty offense.

Final Wage Payment

Be sure to contact managestaff as soon as possible when someone is no longer working. We will advise you when final wages are required to be paid, provide the appropriate form to gather important information and prepare the final wages.

As your PEO, we will also handle any unemployment claims and attend unemployment hearings on your behalf. We will also notify benefits providers of the termination for you.

If necessary, we can act as an intermediary between you and your employees.


It’s what we do.

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