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Service Animals at Work


What will you say if one of your employees asks to bring a service animal to work? Do you know what defines a service animal, and who is allowed to have one? Are you aware of what your responsibilitie

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Happy Anniversary to the ADA!

ramp access

The Americans with Disabilities Act celebrated its 22nd anniversary last week, on July 26. The ADA, signed into law by President George Bush, was the world’s first comprehensive civil rights la

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Possible Side Effects of Drug Testing


Does your company require drug testing for current or potential employees? If so, you should be aware of the EEOC’s recent ruling against a Tennessee employer. The company, Dura Automotive Syste

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PDA in the Workplace

baby bump

It’s not what you think. PDA stands for the Pregnancy Discrimination Act. It’s Only Fair In an attempt to clarify confusion surrounding fair treatment of pregnant employees, last week the

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