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Minimum Wage Changes


News flash: there will be changes to the minimum wage in 2017. Minimum wage is going up. I know. You’re shocked. Changes Effective December 31, 2016 The State of New York will see the following

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New Overtime Rule Delayed


Remember that proposed overtime salary number: $47,476.00? Remember the date it was to take effect: December 1, 2016? Never mind. The proposed new overtime rule has been delayed six months. What happe

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$47,476.00 Remember that number. When December 1, 2016, rolls around, it will become very important. Why is $47,476.00 important? By now you may have heard that the new overtime exemption guidelines h

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The Rise of the Remote Employee

The Rise of The Remote Employee | ManageStaff, Inc.

The Rise of the Remote Employee The remote employee is becoming a staple in the modern day workplace. Even a handful of remote team members can reduce overhead, and the flexibility afforded to your of

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Minimum Wage 2016


Fourteen states will have increases in their minimum wage in 2016. Is yours one of them? States with minimum wage increases effective January 1, 2016 These states will increase their minimum wage in 2

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