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Service Animals at Work


What will you say if one of your employees asks to bring a service animal to work? Do you know what defines a service animal, and who is allowed to have one? Are you aware of what your responsibilitie

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The Heat is On! Part 2

sun rays

The Occupational Safety and Health Administration’s (OSHA’s) 2011 summer campaign to raise awareness of the dangers of excessive sun and heat was highly successful. So successful in fact,

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The Heat is On!

heat wave

Can’t stand the heat?  Staying out of the kitchen (or other high temperature workplace) isn’t an option for many employees this time of year. Employer Duty Under the General Duty Clause o

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In Case of Emergency…

First Aid

Good news! The American Red Cross has introduced an app for handling common first aid emergencies. The official American Red Cross First Aid app for iPhone and Android devices gives you instant access

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