Dollars and Sense

by Deborah Z Mark



Workers’ compensation.

It’s mandatory for all Arizona businesses, regardless of size.

Even if your grandmother is your only employee, she must have workers’ compensation coverage.

What is Workers’ Compensation?

Workers’ compensation is insurance you provide to your employees that covers work related injury, illness, or disability.

Injuries that are not work related are not covered.

A Recent Case

In Virginia, the Court of Appeals recently ruled that a manager of a Dollar Tree store who tripped over a display of water containers was eligible for workers’ compensation because the display was a workplace hazard.

The employee was closing out a store cash register toward the end of the day when she tripped over the display of one-gallon water containers that were stacked in front of the register.

She suffered painful stress fractures to her neck, which required surgery.


I bet the increase in the employer’s workers’ comp rate was pretty painful, too.

The Moral of the Story

Make sure your business has a workers’ compensation policy in effect.

And make sure your employees have a safe place to work.

Have safety concerns?  Call managestaff for pain-free tips on creating a safe workplace.

image: Stuart Miles/