Eliminate 5 Time-Consuming HR Tasks by Outsourcing

by Ryan


Time-Consuming HR Tasks

Do you own a small business? Do you wish you had more time?


If so, there are many small business owners just like you! Don’t get me wrong. It would be great to have HR staff on site, but you can outsource all or part of your small business HR tasks. This is the time for small businesses to outsource their HR efforts and focus less on time-consuming HR tasks.


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Dealing with human resource tasks is very tedious and overwhelming. As a sample of the tediousness, here are five time-consuming HR tasks that you can eliminate by outsourcing. Stay on track and focus on what matters most, your employees and growing the bottom line.

HR Tasks to Eliminate



The recruitment process is an arduous and time consuming task. As the number of applicants become increasingly overwhelming, the recruitment process has become more and more difficult.


Does your small business really have the time?  


Let’s be honest, small businesses more than often utilize untrained managers and supervisors to do the role of  a hiring managers. Usually, hiring managers have limited experience and don’t have the best-practiced techniques. Finding qualified talent is an art, believe it or not.


Outsourcing the recruitment efforts will also control hiring needs, reduce high turnover rates and give your business a competitive advantage.


How do stack up to those measures?


Once you’ve hired a qualified talent, you must also be mindful of the on-boarding process, which an outsource expert can easily accommodate.


Overall, outsourcing HR recruitment efforts can cut cost and allow experienced recruitment experts to take full reign of the process. This will allow the recruitment process to move more quickly and more efficiently.


Isn’t that what you need?


Just like that, small business owners will have an improved recruitment process without spending as much time and money.


How does having a stress-free payroll sounds to you?


Everyday small businesses like yours go through the struggles of not having an outsourced payroll. There are so many things that you have to worry about like payroll expenses and payroll technology. By the way, this is also a very costly and time-consuming task in itself, especially if you’re manually doing payroll. Yikes!


Payroll is one task small businesses shouldn’t micromanage. That is why  small businesses are outsourcing their payroll tasks. The best part of having an outsource payroll is their ability to produce checks, deal with sick and vacation time, and handle taxes without you lifting a finger.


It doesn’t stop there!


Outsourcing payroll will also cut business cost, avoid IRS penalties and provide the expertise that you need.


Another thing to point out, payroll is a specialty field. So if your payroll manager decides to up and leave for a “better job”, you will be placed between a rock and a hard place. Outsourcing your payroll will offer peace of mind.


You can rest assure once you outsource payroll, you will always be on time, especially when handling all related taxes and employment verification needs.

Like they say, time is money!

Employee Handbook

An employee handbook is the bread and butter of any business. Its provides a clear understanding of the guidelines and rules. Essentially, it’s a snapshot of your company’s philosophy and a good reference tool for your employees. The handbook is designed to provide consistency in practice and to limit your company’s liability. Having a legally sound handbook is integral to all small businesses.


Could you see yourself writing an employee handbook?


Like all HR tasks, creating and maintaining a small business employee handbook is crucial. The legal complexity of a handbook can not only be intimidating, but petrifying. Imagining coming up with employment benefits, personal conduct, leave of absence, discrimination, harassment and safety guidelines. It’s definitely a time-consuming HR task to say the least.


Since employee handbooks outlines expectations between the employer and the employee, outsourcing this particular task is a cost effective move. This is especially true if you’re only looking to have your handbook reviewed and updated. Outsourcing this time-consuming HR task to an expert will provide peace of mind. It’s always better safe than sorry!

Employee Benefits

Handling employee benefits is a complex and very time-consuming function. Even though some small businesses don’t have as many employees, being able to resist handling any employee benefits will be difficult.That is why numerous companies squander resources by not taking the efficient and cost-effective path.


Typically, employee benefits include medical insurance, vacation and sick time, maternity leave, pension plans, and individual retirement accounts (IRAs). Imagine how time-consuming each one of those benefits are and its liabilities.


On the upside, some of the advantages to outsourcing your employee benefits include the reduced HR headcount, low-cost expertise, enhanced efficiency, reduced liability, technology upgrades, and improved employee engagement.


Understanding your employee benefits will allow you to decide whether you should outsource all or part of your employee benefits functions.


How experience are you in the termination process? Do you understand all the risks involved? These are some question you should ask yourself before you start any termination process.


Like hiring an employee, terminating an employee is just as difficult and time-consuming, but this time your small business will be carrying a degree of liability. There is room for mistakes from the time you decide to the moment the termination is communicated. These mistakes can lead to possible lawsuits and disrupt the flow of the your small business.


By being prepared, you can keep everything professional and respectful while protecting your company.


Regardless if you’re terminating an employee for poor job performance or just downsizing, outsourcing this particular HR task to an expert will provide the expertise needed to guide you through the process. This will help your business through the emotional and vital step while managing your liability.


Keep in mind, this is just the tip of the iceberg. There are other human resource tasks that can take small business owners away from their daily duties.

Expertise without having to hire more staff

There are a few businesses that can actually afford the cost of human resource staff. Still, businesses that can afford having HR staff rather outsource because of the advantages. Some of the advantages include the ability to saves money, improve federal, state and local compliance; improve recruitment, access to the latest tools and technology, and so much more.


Outsourcing your small business human resource tasks will not only save you time, but also provide the expertise without having to hire more staff. This can benefit the overhead for small business owners in the long run. Plus, small businesses will have the opportunity to focus on its employees. It’s like a win-win situation.


You already have so much on your plate. Why worry about your small business HR efforts? Your small business wasn’t started to manage human resources. So why start today? HR is a very complex and time-consuming function. Eliminate five time-consuming HR tasks through outsourcing with ManageStaff, Inc.


If you skeptical of outsourcing, ManageStaff, Inc can ease the transition with a few support services and still provide the highest level of expertise. It’s always smart to crawl before you walk. Request a quote today. Stop stressing over the unnecessary and feel confident with ManageStaff, Inc’s trained and certified HR experts!

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