Employee Appreciation: 5 Tips

by Patrick O


Employees are the lifeblood of a business. And while attracting talent is hard enough, keeping it might be even harder. Here are five tips we use at ManageStaff to not only retain team members, but to let them know how much we appreciate their contribution to ManageStaff:

  1. Nap Room: Yep, we have one! And we also have Harvard researchers on our side. Studies have shown that a nap can improve learning, memory, and creative thinking. So while employees are getting a chance to catch up on sleep, they’re also harboring the skills needed to effectively contribute to the team.

  2. Birthday Day Off: Ferris Bueller may have had to put a lot of effort into taking the day off, but ManageStaff team members never have to worry about having their birthdays off—it’s always a paid holiday. And if the day happens to fall on a day off or a day that is not conducive to missing, the team member retains it and may use it whenever he or she chooses.

  3. Food. Food. Food: At ManageStaff we keep a stocked pantry full of tasty and delicious eats. From cereal to salad and frozen burritos to frozen veggies our office kitchen is filled with snacks of all sorts, available free of charge to all team members. While we are able to save our team members time and money by providing food and drink on site, our kitchen area has become the central social hub of our space. It provides a collegial and familial place for our team members to relax, recharge, and catch up with one another.

  4. Work Area Decorations: Our team members spend eight hours a day in their work space and we want them to feel comfortable while they are there. So, they are free to decorate their work areas as they see fit. From skateboard tables to framed vinyl records, our team members let their individual personalities shine through, and we couldn’t be happier that they do.

  5. Office Activity Badges: Can you name all 50 states’ capitals? Our team members can, and they have the badge to prove it. They also have badges for Nerf archery, chess, table tennis, popsicle stick birdhouse building, canned food donations, and host of other activities.