Employee Wellness Affects Your Company’s Bottom Line

by Deborah Z Mark


Employee wellness.

Now that the Affordable Care Act is a reality, implementing an employee wellness program has become a priority for many small businesses.

How does employee health and wellness affect you and your company?

According to the CDC, employers benefit from workplace health and wellness programs in 3 major ways:

  1. Enhanced productivity
  2. Decreased employee absenteeism
  3. Lower insurance and workers’ compensation costs

Workplace health and wellness programs are an important part of attracting and keeping quality employees, and directly affect employee productivity and morale.

And your bottom line.

5 Ways to Wellness (according to Dr. Oz)

The Society for Human Resource Management’s (SHRM) 2015 Annual Conference came to a close yesterday in Las Vegas.

Who was the keynote speaker for the event?

None other than Dr. Oz.

You know, as seen on TV.

I couldn’t make the leap either. What does Dr. Oz have to do with Human Resources?

The doctor offered 5 bits of advice to help people (employees are people, too) live mentally and physically healthier lives:

  1. Achieve a blood pressure reading of 115/75
  2. Exercise 30 minutes daily. Even low to moderate exertion is OK.
  3. Eat what you love that’s healthy
  4. Control stress, get adequate sleep
  5. Curtail your addictions

Fortunately, he didn’t challenge us to be living examples of the above.

After all, we’re only human.

Dr. Oz recommends using the Sharecare mobile app, which tracks voice stress levels to increase awareness of reaction to stress. The app is currently used in call centers to alert managers when telemarketers and operators need a break to manage and control their level of stress.

The good doctor challenged the 15,000 attendees to use their influence as leaders in the field of Human Resources to help employees and loved ones live healthier and happier lives.

When you put the Human in Human Resources, everyone benefits.

Need help with your employee wellness program? Call managestaff. We’ll help.


It’s what we do.

Image: David Castillo Dominici/freedigitalphotos.net