Hiring Qualified Candidates: 4 Steps To Ensuring A Great Company Fit

by Ryan


Hiring Qualified Candidates: 4 Steps To Ensuring A Great Company Fit - ManageStaff

Finding and Hiring Qualified Candidates

One of the most crucial elements of a successful business begins with hiring the right employees. They are the front line people that will be driving your business and helping to support business growth. Successful entrepreneurs understand that they can’t run a business alone. A great business leader will find and hire the best workers possible to support those goals.

However today, many entrepreneurs don’t have time to sift through resumes the traditional way. Beyond the time it takes the business, costs continue to surmount: recruiting, interviewing, training, salary, benefits and taxes. For mid-level businesses with an average of 20-50 employees, a new hire may be costing as much as $40,000!

Business owners, and Arizona human resources alike, are taking innovation to create new streamlined ideas for finding and hiring employees.

Step One: No More Job Descriptions

Job descriptions are often vague, and don’t give an in-depth look at the position or its role in the business. A new approach is to explain the problem the company is facing, and how this role will solve that problem. Be as specific as possible.

Describe how your company solves issues for the clients. How will the new candidate help support solving these problems?

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Step Two: Find Key Behaviors of the Applicant

How much do do the applicants know about the industry and the role your business plays within the industry? Here are some simple questions to ask that can unveil how much they truly know and understand about this position:

  • What do you know about the industry and our role within the industry?
  • What aspects of our business interest you most, and why?
  • How are the services we offer most important to the client?

Step Three: Exploring Social Presence

Some hiring managers are developing social resumes as the new traditional resume. Instead of the typical, generic resumes, ask applicants to share their social profiles.

Step Four: Creating A Deadline

Create a deadline for the applicants to submit their answers to the above questions with their social profiles.

How This Process Brings Qualified Candidates

Recruiting and HiringFollowing this strategy accomplishes many things. This approach immediately weeds out most of the lazy candidates; the research to the questions and the deadline implies too much work and pressure just to apply. Candidates that send traditional resumes can be discarded for not following directions, and those that don’t share their social profiles may have an unprofessional online presence.

Answers to the industry questions can act as an informal first interview, also giving you a glimpse into their communication and writing styles. After this process the applicants will feel invested, having done the legwork and research. This should bring a more productive second interview, but also a more gratifying win when hired, which makes the candidate want to prove his or her worth.

This application process does the work for you: weeding out those candidates you don’t want. The hiring process doesn’t need to be hard, just smarter.

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