Why outsource your HR department? Aside from reducing time and saving costs, you alleviate employer responsibilities with the co-employment relationship ManageStaff provides. The simplistic idea of the resource fusion method is to establish one vendor as your sole provider in all HR and Employer related responsibilities. HR Compliance, Payroll Processing, Benefits Administration, Worker’s Compensation Compliance, and Employer Taxes are just a handful of the services you receive with ManageStaff. Take a look at our HR Outsourcing Model and How it Works when you join the ManageStaff Team!


  • Control your administrative and employer-related costs;
  • Save time and reduce paperwork hassles;
  • Provide Company Professional Compliance (e.g. payroll, ERISA, EEOC);
  • Reduce turnover and attract better employees for your business;
  • Claims management (e.g. workers’ compensation, unemployment;
  • Provide better benefits packages to your company and employees;
  • Provide professional human resources services, including employee handbooks, HR forms, and policy and procedure protocols.
  • Reduce accounting cost


  • Comprehensive benefits comparable to Fortune 500 corporations;
  • Improved employer/employee communications;
  • Accurate, timely and professional payroll processing;
  • Professional employer policies, orientation and employee handbooks;
  • Extension of statutory protection and regulations to more employees;
  • Current material and information regarding labor regulations and worksite safety;
  • Expert and prompt claims processing