Attract More Candidates With An Enticing Job Title

by Ryan


Attract More Candidates With An Enticing Job Title

Attract More Candidates With An Enticing Job Title

Are you maximizing the use of the job title on your job post? Are you reeling in the right candidatesIf not, you are not alone.

Most hiring managers haven’t grasped the idea that a job title is more effective than the job description. If you think about it, it’s a headline to your job post. You want to grab the attention of the right candidate. So you actually need to spend some time fine tuning it.

Believe it or not, the way you frame a job title may make or break the right candidate’s decision to send a resume. Instead, you end up with an overwhelming amount of unqualified resumes.

Well, let’s turn that frown upside down.

Consider spending more time on the title than the job description. You are more than guaranteed to receive more application of qualified candidates than unqualified candidates.

Now, this doesn’t mean to create a deceptive job title. Instead, create a more fine tune job title that’s appealing to the right candidate.

That’s the power of having a strategically positioned title. It’s all about perception.

Let’s take a look in how you can beef up a job post title to get more qualified candidates:

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Creating an Enticing Job Title

A job title on any job search site like LocalWork is the first thing a job seeker sees. This is why it’s an important recruitment tool for many hiring managers. First impression is everything. So why not show them your best?

Job seekers are more and more taking job titles seriously, especially millennials. It’s all about perception. Job seekers are actually basing these titles with pay, career path, responsibility, and experience. And so should you, the employer.

With all of this in mind, you’ll want to create an enticing job title making it short and sweet, easy to understand, free from acronyms, and specific to the position.

Short and Sweet

The most important aspect of a job title is its relevancy. Create one that is short and sweet. By doing so, you will grab the right candidate attention. Avoid creating a one that is abstract. If you do, you will have a negative impact on a potential candidate, which will defeat the purpose of creating a job pot in the first place.

So try to create a job title that is short and straight to point while still being compelling. Keep it clean and uncluttered. And one more thing, avoid any irrelevant information like salary and job code. Keep that information for the job description.

Short and Sweet - Effective vs Not Effective

Easy to Understand

Similar to keeping a job title short and sweet, you want to also make it easy to understand. You don’t want to use a job title that looks encrypted like “Team Lead III (987654)” when you can use a more understanding job title like “Consumer Relation Specialist”.

Keep in mind, internal employees will have more familiarity with unique job names and company hierarchy, were as an external candidate will have a difficult time understanding the job position. So keep it easy to understand and you will notice a higher volume of qualified applicants.

Easy to understand - Effective vs Not Effective

Avoid the Use of Acronym

Even though a job title should be short and sweet, using acronyms in a job title is not the same. Not every candidate knows what Mgmt, Mgr or Sr means. So why use it?

You don’t want to deter a potential candidate from applying because they don’t understand. Next thing you know that same candidate applied to a competitor’s job post because it was acronym free. Avoid the use of acronym at all cost. Spell out the entire words and use proper grammar.   

Like anything else, there are some exceptions. These exceptions include industry accepted acronyms like RN, which mean registered nurse, and common industry abbreviation like CSR, which means customer service representative.

Avoid the use of acronyms - Effective vs Not Effective

Be Specific

Going back to relevancy, a job title should always be specific to the position. It’s only effective if the information being presented is of the industry, level of role and function. So instead of creating a job post with a title reading “Web Developer”, use a more descriptive job title like “Entry-Level Junior Web Developer”. This will give the candidate a better sense of expectation.

Be Specific - Effective vs Not Effective

Parting Thought

As you can see, there is a major theme with all of this. All you have to do is stay clear and concise. That’s it. The end goal is to be seen, to stand out and to attract qualified applicants. If done correctly, you will see how powerful a job title can be. Remember, first impression is everything. So show them what you got!

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