Love and Employee Engagement

by Deborah Z Mark


Love is in the air today.

But how do you make it last?

I’m not talking about romance.

I’m referring to your company and the relationship you have with your employees. Are you feeling the love?

Are they?

Employee Engagement

What is employee engagement?

Simply put, it’s the emotional connection an employee feels toward his or her employer.

Employee engagement makes the business world go ’round. The effort an employee puts forth is directly related to the amount of engagement felt by that employee.

Effects of Employee Engagement on Your Company

Disengaged employees can cause heartbreak:

  • They care less
  • They put forth less effort
  • They have more absences and more accidents
  • Other employees must pick up additional work, potentially costing you more in overtime pay
  • When an employee quits (which disengaged employees tend to do), it costs you and your business about 1/5 of that employee’s salary to hire and train a replacement

Reasons we love engaged employees:

  • Higher employee retention. They stay longer.
  • Better productivity
  • Positive internal atmosphere. They help and inspire their coworkers. They think (and care) about the effects their actions have on the company.
  • Engaged employees build relationships with and attract engaged repeat customers

Here at managestaff, we are very fortunate to have engaged employees. Each person on our staff is a shining example of what it means to be an engaged employee.

The length of employment for our internal staff ranges from a minimum of 2.5 years all the way up to 18.5 years! The average length of employment for all managestaff employees is 9 years.

That’s a lot of loyalty.

And a lot of experience and knowledge we are able to share with you.

How Did That Happen?

It’s not enough just to feel love. It must be expressed.

And in order to stand the test of time, it must also be mutual.

Ways to Show Employees Your Appreciation

There are many ways to show employees how much you appreciate them:

  • Additional training, in house or offsite
  • Offer chances for promotion
  • Opportunities for positive performance reviews and feedback
  • Incentives such as paid days off
  • Company sponsored team events
  • Company lunches

I’m sure you can think of others.

And just for fun, check out OfficeVibe’s Employee Engagement ROI Calculator to see how your company rates on the engagement scale.

Yep, love is in the air today.

And here in the managestaff office, so is the aroma of pizza and wings.

Just one of the many reasons I have been here 18 and a half years.


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It’s what we do.

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