Finally. A Simple and Affordable Payroll Processing Solution | No Expensive Fees + Tedious Time Tracking

One of the major headaches management and owners are often faced with is payroll processing. Understanding forms, time tracking, and staying compliant can be a grey zone for many small business owners.

Do you and your staff want to have access to payroll experts you can call for help? Keep reading!

At ManageStaff, we provide payroll services for your business regardless of the number of employees on your staff. We provide you with options for easy submission of payroll with a simple and swift process that is customizable to fit your specific needs.

Take a look at what our payroll services have to offer:

• Direct Deposit (no additional cost)
• Job Costing Reports
• Certified Payrolls
• Customizable Pay Periods (weekly, bi-weekly, semi-monthly)
• Payroll Deductions
• Online Access to All Payroll Reports
• Customizable Timesheets
• Garnishment and Levies Deductions and Administration
• Vacation, PTO and Sick Pay Accruals with Reports
• Quarterly Tax Filing for FUTA, SUTA and FICA
• Federal and State Tax filings
• Wage Verification for Lenders
•State New Hire Reporting
•Yearly W-2 ‘s

We work with you to create the most efficient and smooth process for you to transmit payroll that will suit your needs.

Options for submitting payroll include:

•Faxing Timesheets

•Emailing Directly to Your HR Rep

•Calling in Payroll to Your HR Rep

•Manual Input Into Your Online Payroll Account (Web Enablement). Available 24/7, No Extra Fee

•Sending Time Clock Export Files

•Other Options

We also ensure the delivery of payroll reports as you prefer. Paper copies, electronic copies or both: you choose the method that best suits your needs.

Payroll Processing Alternatives Customized to your Business

Looking to fill the gaps your payroll software is missing?

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