Payroll Services: Choosing The Best Payroll Services for your Business

by Ryan


Payroll Services: Choosing The Best Payroll Services for your Business - ManageStaff

Payroll Services: Choosing The Best Payroll Services for your Business

Whether your business is large or small, you will free up much time in your schedule by turning to an outside payroll service in Phoenix, AZ. To ensure that the payroll companies you are taking into consideration are reputable, you need to be prepared with some specific questions.

Can They Integrate With Your Employee Benefits?

One of your primary goals for seeking out payroll services in Phoenix is to lighten your workload. While many payroll companies can process your payroll, not all are available to fully integrate your employee benefits. If a payroll service does not integrate, then you will have more work to do before you submit your information each pay period. This includes benefits such as health insurance, vacation time, sick days, and employee reimbursement.

What Measures Do They Takes To Protect Sensitive Data?

Many payroll companies work almost entirely in the online world, so it is imperative that you are confident in their ability to keep your sensitive data secure. This not only includes your employee’s private information such as their Social Security number, address, and salary—but also your financial and tax information.

How Do They Stay Up-To-Date With Tax And Payroll Compliance?

Whether speaking of payroll or payroll taxes, compliance changes on a regular basis, and compliance mistakes are costly. It is for this reason alone that many seek out payroll services in Phoenix. Inquire about what measures they take to ensure they, and in turn you, are always in compliance—and what measures they take if they make a mistake. Also ask how transparent they are. For example, do they send you copies of payroll data each pay period, or can you login to their database at any time to view your payroll?

How Often Do They Process Payroll?

You must also take into consideration how often they are available to process payroll. For example, if you currently process payroll weekly—then you have to consider if you are willing to make the transition to a company who process payroll every other week—or only on set days of the month. Also inquire how they handle payroll dates that fall on weekends or holidays.

By asking the questions above, you can hire a payroll service in Phoenix, AZ with confidence and peace of mind that your payroll will be managed in an accurate, professional, and timely manner.