Reporting Hours Worked for Payroll

by Deborah Z Mark


When it comes to payroll, there is a difference between submitting time in hours and minutes, and submitting time in hours and hundredths of an hour.

Submitting payroll by hours and minutes looks like this:

30:30 (for 30 hours and 30 minutes)

Submitting payroll by hours and hundredths of an hour looks like this:

30.5 (for 30 1/2 hours, or 30 hours and 30 minutes)

A Slice of Pie

Think of an analog clock (pie shape). A clock is divided into 60 parts, each part equaling 1 minute. If that same clock is divided into 100ths, there would be 100 parts, so each part would be smaller than if there were only 60 parts.

But both clocks equal the same amount of total time.

If hours are submitted as 30.30, but should actually be 30:30, there will be a difference in the employee’s pay amount:

30.30 at $10/hour would equal $303.00

30:30 at $10/hour would equal $305.00

Your Checks

managestaff payroll checks are issued in hundredths of an hour. However, hours may be submitted either way because our payroll system can automatically convert minutes to hundredths of an hour. *Just let us know how you will be submitting hours, and be sure to be consistent so we can ensure that employees are being paid correctly.

If you have any payroll questions, please contact your HR Representative.

*Payrolls submitted via the web have certain requirements. Please contact your HR Rep for instructions before submitting your first payroll online.


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