Thank You, Veterans!

by Deborah Z Mark


November is a month focused on giving thanks.  This November of 2012, we Americans have seen an election that divided our country come to a conclusion, and have dealt with (and continue to deal with) a devastating storm and its aftermath.

Sometimes it’s a real challenge to find reasons to be thankful.

Veterans Day

November 11 is the day we honor our veterans, and this year, November 12 is the official government holiday.  Perhaps your office is closed, or you are at work and grumbling because all the (lucky) government employees are at home enjoying a day off.  Perhaps you won’t have access to this blog, or won’t even want to read it because you are tired of seeing all the flag wavers, parades, TV and internet coverage devoted to this day.  Maybe you don’t believe in the military, or guns, or war.

But I bet you believe in freedom.  Freedom of speech.  Freedom of religion.  Freedom to choose where you live and where you send your children to school.  And you know what?  Without our veterans, you would have none of these freedoms.

Thank you

As a thank you to our veterans, the DOL has developed an e-VETS Resource Advisor.  It integrates with the National Resource Directory, a web-based directory of more than 11,000 national, state and local services and resources for veterans, service members, and their families and caregivers.  It is a collaborative effort between the Departments of Defense, Labor and Veterans Affairs.

The Resource Advisor contains information regarding benefits and compensation, education and training, employment, and many other helpful topics.

Those who are currently serving don’t get a day off.  Those who have served deserve not only a day off, but so much more than any of us can ever give them.

I know I’m not alone when I say that I am thankful for each and every one of them.

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