There’s No Place like Home.

by Deborah Z Mark


Oz the Great and Powerful, Disney’s latest movie, opens in theaters today.

Which started me thinking about the perilous realm of Professional Employer Organizations (PEOs), employers, employees, and Human Resources.

Isn’t that what you were thinking?

Even though you and your faithful team may try to follow the yellow brick road of HR compliance, it doesn’t guarantee that you won’t be assaulted by the unexpected.  Unemployment, sexual harassment, and workers’ comp claims are only a few of the potential surprises that can hit you harder than a rotten apple in the Haunted Forest.

Just when you think you have everything under control, it appears that certain employees may be under the influence of illegal substances while at work. Now what? Can you legally require drug testing?  Perhaps your company employs an imposing manager who hides behind a curtain of power and intimidation.  Can you legally fire that person?  Should you?

Oh my.


Why use a PEO?  We provide valuable support and direction, from hire to termination and everything in between.  We share your responsibilities and reduce your risks, allowing you to focus on operating your business instead of spending valuable time on the above issues.  We assist you in making compliant HR and payroll decisions, provide employee relations support, payroll, benefits, and tax administration, workers’ comp insurance, safety services and more.

We are a listening ear when you have a question.  We share the benefit of our experience and knowledge with you whenever you need us.  We care about you and your business. We know how much time, effort and energy you put in each and every day to make your business a success.  We understand your sleepless nights and exhausting days.  Let us help you.


As Dorothy discovered in the original Wizard of Oz, having a team on your side guarantees a successful outcome to your journey.

A team with brains.

And heart.

And courage.

That’s the managestaff team. We’re your PEO home.

You don’t even have to wear ruby slippers.

Unless it’s in your dress code.

Make your life easier, starting today.  Call managestaff.

It’s what we do.

image: Lavoview/