Workers’ Compensation and Risk Management

One of the most confusing and frustrating tasks with any business is dealing with Workers’ Compensation and the risk management involved to maintain a safe and comfortable work environment. At ManageStaff we provide an expert guided Risk Management department to oversee your workers’ comp coverage and provide the means for you, as the employer, to remain in compliance.

Workers’ Compensation

Did you know is it mandatory by Arizona state law that your business offers workers’ compensation insurance to all employees? Workers’ compensation is a ‘no fault’ system which entitles an injured employee to receive benefits for an on the job injury, regardless of who caused the job-related injury. This ‘no fault’ system means that even employees at fault for the injury are still entitled, in most cases, to the benefits expressed within workers’ compensation.

To obtain workers compensation,  contact a licensed insurance company to issue workers compensation in the State of Arizona. As provided by the state, here is a list of insurance companies provided by the Arizona Department of Insurance, or call (800) 325-2548.

Workers’ Compensation Services

• Competitive coverage rates with increased limits and liability coverage
• Ensure proper workers’ comp classification code in outlines in the NCCI annual guidelines.
• Bind Coverage and administer deposit
• Maintenance of worker’s compensation policy and proper code listings
• Direct correspondence with carrier to ensure speedy completion of specific requests or issues
• Handle all Workers’ Comp accident investigations and filings
• Classification code audits
• Worker’s Comp Certificates on demand
• Immediate Assistance with Work Site Injuries

Risk Management

Developing a risk management plan for your human resources activity can be the key to avoiding risk and penalties. You will need to look and attend to all the risks throughout the company and incorporate the risk management plan into company decision-making. This ranges to several human resource activities including compensation and benefits, hiring, occupation health and safety, employee conduct, and the employee exiting process.

Compliance Risk Management Services

• Safety job site inspections with conclusive reporting provided to client with with recommendations of potential hazards
• OSHA Compliance Assistance
• Safety Training and resources
• Sexual Harassment Training and Resources
• Sexual Harassment Investigations
• EEOC and Discrimination Investigations
• Unemployment Filing and case correspondence (including court hearings) Mediatory services to dilute disgruntle employee situations