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Your Holiday Pay Questions Answered

Does your company require employees to work on holidays? Do you know what the requirements are for paying employees for holidays? With Labor Day coming up on Monday, September 7th, you may be wonderin

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The Secret Behind Employee Retention

The Secret Behind Employee Retention - ManageStaff

Hiring the Right Employees.. And Keeping Them Does your business struggle with balancing the need for hiring new employees with organizational costs related to recruiting, training, and integration o

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Service Animals at Work

What will you say if one of your employees asks to bring a service animal to work? Do you know what defines a service animal, and who is allowed to have one? Are you aware of what your responsibilitie

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The Importance of the I-9 Form

Forms, forms and more forms… For business owners and employees, the I-9 form (Employment Eligibility Verification form) is one of the single most challenging forms to complete in the U.S. It con

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