Don’t be Scared!

by Deborah Z Mark



There are lots of jobs out there.

Most of them are not very scary.

However, recently commissioned the infamous Harris Poll to conduct a nationwide survey to find out which jobs people considered to be the most frightening in America.  The survey involved over 3,000 workers in various industries across the country.

Are you scared yet?

Ready or not, here are the top 10:

  1. Politician.  Yeah, this one’s really scary.  But not as scary as being a registered voter.
  2. Microbiologist for Infectious Diseases.  Yuck!  I guess somebody has to do it.
  3. Security Guard at Teen Idol Concert.  Bring your earplugs.
  4. Kindergarten Teacher.  Median hourly pay to shape young impressionable minds is a mere $24.17.  Now THAT’S scary.
  5. Crime Scene Investigator.  See #2 above.
  6. Animal Trainer.  Median pay is $12.03 per hour.  Might as well be a kindergarten teacher.
  7. Mortician.  The thought of this one sends a shiver down my spine.
  8. Radio, Cellular and Tower Equipment Installers and Repairers.  Vertigo, anyone?
  9. Stand-Up Comic.  Can you imagine being alone on stage in front of a crowd?  Truly frightening!
  10. Parent.  24/7.  High Risk.  No pay.  Puts all the above in perspective, doesn’t it?

Happy Halloween!

If the thought of managing payroll, workers’ comp, taxes and benefits is starting to scare you, give managestaff a call.  We’ll help.

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