Robotic Resources?

by Deborah Z Mark


Today is National Hamburger Day.

Although the hamburger originated in Hamburg, Germany, here in the United States when we think of the word hamburger, we automatically think of McDonald’s.


You probably know the story. Back in 1954, Ray Kroc, a Multi-mixer salesman, visited his favorite customers, brothers Dick and Mac McDonald, who had purchased several of Mr. Kroc’s products. Kroc was so impressed by their operation that he bought the exclusive rights to the McDonald’s name and founded McDonald’s System, Inc., which later became McDonald’s Corporation. By 1958, McDonald’s had sold its 100 millionth burger.

A New Age

On July 4th, McDonald’s is set to open a new restaurant here in Phoenix, and in an unprecedented move, it will be run by robots.

Yes, you read that correctly. Robots.


Jules Verne would have been proud.


Why robots?

The store’s manager, Peter Gibbons, told CNN that the robots are great, they get their work done in a fast and orderly manner, and don’t ask for cigarette breaks.

McDonald’s spokesman Paul Horner says that because of the demand for a $15 per hour minimum wage, the company has been considering the idea of a robot-run restaurant for years.

The restaurant will employ a small human team to stock food and supplies, make sure the robots continue to work correctly, remove cash from the robots and make the bank deposits.

Good to know there will still be some human resources running the show.


Ray Kroc’s philosophy, “In business for yourself, but not by yourself” continues to strike a chord with business owners today. Kroc believed that he could form a partnership with business owners, letting them operate their businesses independently, while helping them grow their businesses every step of the way.

Hey! That sounds like our philosophy here at managestaff!

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You deserve a break today.

Wouldn’t you like to slip out for a nice hot, juicy burger?


It’s what we do.

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